Before you leave on a trip to a foreign country, there are a number of ways you can prepare for your trip. One piece of advice is to visit your doctor before the trip.

Below are the top reasons why you should see your doctor before travelling:

1. You could need vaccinations

Vaccine recommendations depend on many personal health reasons that are particular to each individual. Other factors that determine the vaccine is the place of their visit and the activities they will engage in on their trip. Your doctor can verify if you’re routine vaccinations are up to date, this includes seasonal ones such as the shot for flu and assists you to get the vaccinations which are recommended for your destination.

2. You will know what is required if you been sick recently

If you are recovering or have been ill lately, your doctor will help to determine if you are fit to travel, how safe is in regards to your travel destination. Your doctor will advise on the safety precautions you need to implement as you travel.

3. You will be protected if you have a pre-existing medical condition

If your health condition is improving due to the medications you are using currently, your medical records will document that fact properly. Ensure you select the correct cover so that your travel insurance plan will cover you if you will require any medical care as you travel.

Factors that affect a traveller’s health

Many factors can affect the health of a traveller, but they are specific to each person. These can include:

Your age, current health, and your medical history

The age bracket of a traveller is a factor that affects travellers on different levels. A 25-year-old cannot have the same activities and routines as a 60-year-old. The state of health a per date of travel can influence a travellers state of health on vacation.

Your record of getting routine and seasonal vaccinations

Every region in the globe has health hazards that are specific to their area. For example, travelers visiting South America will require a yellow fever vaccine and travelers to Saudi Arabia will require a meningococcal vaccination. It’s needed by the government of these countries.

The length of your trip

How long will your journey take? Will your flight be several hours? This could cause some health issues especially if you had a pre-existing medical condition. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated throughout your flight.

Time of year you are traveling

Are you traveling during winter or summer? This weather patterns can affect your health depending on your health status as per the time of the trip. You might have allergies caused by either cold or dust etc. You should have the necessary information concerning the weather of the place you are visiting and be well prepared to deal with it.


If you are planning to travel, pay attention to all the above health concerns. Above all try to get a doctor’s perspective before you leave.

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