Evolving Aircraft Food & Attendants

During these past few years aircraft services they have made many mistakes. These are included to be serving unacceptable food, terrible service and many more. Now they have finally realized there wronging and attempted to change their ways. In this article we will be discussing the way they have attempted to change their mistakes. The number one mistake in this case is the food.

The food has been shown to be prepackaged for weeks and terribly cooked. By prepackaged I mean how the uneaten food keeps being frozen until someone is unlucky enough to get old food. The way they have fixed this problem is by either throwing out the old food or having the flight crew eat it. The reason for the uneaten food is the cook quality. The cook quality of the airplane food is worse then store prepacked meals. They used to resort to the cheapest feature in order to make the maximum profit.

If you look at the combinations that they resort to you see how many people dislike it. The combinations are seen to be the reason of the least picky eaters not even putting a hand on it. The reason that this happens is by the representatives, they didn’t ask any opinion to their main audience. This is explained as they did not put any effort in asking what their customers want. They focused on what is the most profitable for themselves. They have tried to change their food problem, now we will be explaining the service of the attendants.

Throughout these years, there has been many problems with the attendants behavior. This is started from attitude to the events that have happened. Many aircraft carriers used to not care about who they hired more like the budget that they agreed to. With the way that the hiring was taken, there is for sure some bad candidates. When seeing the way some attendants treat the customers is explained disgusting. Many don’t either want to do it, show attitude in order for them to do it and many more things. Since these events the aircraft carriers have spent more on job interviews and took time to get to know them. The things that the attendants have done has cost people to not continue to go with the aircraft carrier in future trips.

The events in history regarding aircraft attendants ruin the carrier’s reputation. These events consist of times when the attendant broke rules to put them in front of a passenger. In order to understand the faculty of the things they have broken, we first have to understand the attendant commitment. The commitment shows how every aircraft attendant must put passengers in front of them no matter what occasion.

In one time period there happened to need water landing. Most of the attendants told everyone to calm down. Well, one attendant began to freak out risking many lives. This caused after the hard impact to take over people that were in front of her in order to survive. Later she was fired and went upon investigation. This has ruined the carrier’s reputation for ever.

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