Top Mayan Ruins & Archaeological Sites To Check Out In Mexico


Among my favored components about traveling in Mexico are all the interesting ancient Mayan damages to discover. Here are the best Maya archaeological websites that you do not intend to miss out on!

Maya is a way of living; an area of resolved individuals that have lived in areas of Mexico and also Central America since about 1800 BC.

Many individuals think the Maya were wiped out– which is not the situation.

The Maya neighborhood today totals around 7 million people who live by the traditions as well as are still native audio speakers of the Mayan language– instead of Spanish which currently controls the nations in which they stay.

Nevertheless Mexico is cluttered with collapsing Mayan cities developed by their late forefathers, pyramids of rock deserted for various reasons as well as left to be surpassed by the forest.

Several Mayan ruins have been dug deep into as well as opened to the public– however some, particularly, attract attention greater than others.

After residing in traveling with Mexico for the past 2 years, I wanted to share a few of my preferred Mayan ruins & ancient sites in Mexico.

Find out a bit about the history of these extraordinary old pyramids and historic sites prior to you explore them on your next journey to Mexico!

A Brief History Of The Maya

Agricultural people naturally, the Mayan people gathered plants such as maize and also beans, clearing forests for farming as they created extra advanced strategies to broaden their production.

Mentally, the Maya praise more than 150 Gods that they believe their Kings belong to; with one God ruling over every topic related to their lives, for example, the God of Rainfall, the God of Farming, and also the God of Death.

Though it may seem complex to us, this extensive list of deities in fact resulted in significant advances in math and also astronomy plus the advancement of the famous Mayan Calendar.

Although the original Maya Empire was damaged many centuries earlier (as a result of drought, warfare, and/or overpopulation), the Maya people still exist today.

The modern-day Maya hide in ordinary view, so to speak, residing in Mexico while keeping much of their very own traditions as well as culture from the past.

Finest Mayan Ancient Websites In Mexico

History lesson over, it’s time to study the wide range of old Mayan ruins– and also there are several, with around 200 different websites in Mexico alone!

Over 4000 sites spread out throughout Central America

As excavators are actively taken part in drawing out and also understanding the tricks of ancient Maya, hidden beneath a mix of thick jungle and time.

I’m most likely to aid cut down this number for you, and share what I think are the best Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico. Allow’s go!

The Famous Ruins of Chichen Itza

One of the best Maya cities in Mexico was Chichen Itza– a sacred city which covers around six square miles and also was once home to hundreds of structures which were built in both the classic Maya period as well as the later Maya-Toltec period.

Chichen Itza is most likely the most checked out Mayan damages in Mexico, considering that being named one of the New Wonders of the World. The emphasize is Kukulkan Pyramid which stands at 75 feet tall and also developed for astronomical/sacrificial purposes.

Possibly among its greatest attracts for tourists is the twice-annual equinox when the setting sun creates shadows on the pyramid actions that resemble the body of a serpent.

El Castillo Pyramid in Tulum

Just a few hours away from Chichen Itza is the renowned walled city of Tulum perched on a cliff overlooking the sea. Tulum’s ruins include a stunning Caribbean coastline (that you can swim at!), with incredible views all over.

Tulum was a major trading and spiritual facility for the Maya between the 11th as well as 16th centuries. They traded turquoise, jade, cotton, food, copper bells, axes, and delicious chocolate.

As a result of Tulum’s prime area along the touristic Riviera Maya coastline, it obtains a lot of site visitors. The website isn’t that large either, so it can obtain extremely congested mid-day.

My preferred part of the Tulum ruins is the Holy place of the Frescoes, where you can still see painted murals inside!

Climbing up the Pyramid at Coba

Just 40km west of Tulum you’ll reach Coba– among my preferred Maya damages in Mexico. Treatment 80 square miles and also including 5 big lakes, Coba is a less prominent location with an actual air of enigma regarding it.

Though archaeologists think it might someday be one of the largest Mayan excavations, today it continues to be mainly unblemished so visitors can involve their creative imagination to dream up the story behind the lots of mounds and also pyramids.

To really value the natural phenomenon that is Coba, visitors can still climb 120 steep stone actions to the top of Nohoch Mul– the highest pyramid in the peninsula– as well as gaze out over the jungle-covered ruins.

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